July 19, 2024

A Few Questions Must be Asked to Product Sourcing Companies in China While Placing Your First Order

These days every business prefers to import from overseas countries, where raw materials as well as finished goods are available at lower prices. This can boom the profitability of their organizations.

There are numerous international countries such as China, wherein different raw materials and finished goods are exported to countries worldwide. Therefore, today China is known as the World’s factory.

However, when you are dealing with any product sourcing companies in China then it is essential that you must ask a few sets of questions particularly, before placing an order for the first time.

  1. What are the various regulations needed to be followed?

You need to understand that every country has different rules and regulations while exporting their goods to different countries. Your suppliers will be aware of them as they are in this business for a much longer time.

  1. Are you a manufacturer or a sourcing agency?

In China, both manufacturers, as well as many sourcing companies are available. By asking this question, you can identify whether your supplier is one of the product sourcing companies in China or the original manufacturer.

  1. If you are an agency then how long are you in this business?

It is always safe to deal with an experienced agency, particularly if you are dealing with a country like China for the first time. Therefore, it will be the right question to ask to confirm the experience of your supplier in this business.

  1. What is your specialized area?

Every supplier has certain specialized products that he is quite familiar with. Hence, you must check whether the seller specialises in the product that you are buying.

  1. Can you tell me your terms and conditions in detail?

This question is very important to ask. Every seller must be having certain different terms and conditions and hence, you must read and understand them thoroughly and you must agree to them.

  1. How will you ensure the supply’s high quality?

If you are sourcing from a country like China, then this is also another important question to ask. You must understand the quality management system of your supplier and satisfy yourself before you place your first order.

  1. Can you give references to your past customers?

You must get the contact numbers of a few references of past customers of your country. A good supplier will never hesitate to supply the details of their past clients. You may call a few of them and confirm your supplier’s professionalism.

  1. If you are a sourcing agency then how do you qualify your sources?

This is an extension of the question number 6 above. It is important for you to know how your supplier confirms the quality of his supply and also whether that meets all your expectations.

  1. Will you offer any discount?

As a long-term customer, you can expect a certain discount from your supplier. However, unless you ask for it, you may not get any discount. Also, you should not decide on your supplier only on basis of how much discount he offers.

  1. What can we expect from you as a supplier?

You must ask such an open-ended question to all product sourcing companies in China, and you will get a different set of replies. However, you must satisfy yourself with their answers.


Today, many product sourcing companies in China are exporting all types of products to different countries of the world. However, you must check before placing your first order. This will ensure that you commit no mistakes due to your ignorance. So, ask as many questions that comes to your mind.