June 15, 2024

Cribbage and Other Funny Games to Play Online

In today’s many traditional games have found new homes online, and card games are no exception. One of these card games is Cribbage, a classic favorite that combines strategy, skill, and a little bit of luck. But Cribbage isn’t the only game you can enjoy online.

We’ll take a closer look at Cribbage, explaining its basic rules and sharing some tips to help you play better. But we won’t stop there. We’ll also introduce you to other funny games and board games that you can easily play online.

Whether you’re a Cribbage pro looking to improve your skills, a casual gamer searching for some entertainment, or someone completely new to online card games, this collection of information and suggestions has something for everyone.

How To Play in Cribbage Online: Basic Rules

When playing Cribbage free online, you should be familiar with the basic rules.

In online Cribbage, you typically start by choosing a platform or app that offers the game. After logging in or signing up for an account, you can either invite a friend to play or join a public game.

Once you’re in a game, you and your opponent will receive six cards each. The dealer will then select two cards to form the “crib,” which is a separate hand belonging to the dealer.

The objective of Cribbage game

is to score points by playing your cards strategically. You take turns playing one card at a time, and the platform will automatically calculate and display the points you earn for various card combinations, such as pairs or runs.

After the initial hand, the non-dealer (your opponent) will count the points in the crib, applying the same scoring rules. These points are added to the opponent’s score.

The game continues for several rounds, with players taking turns as the dealer. The player or team that first reaches or exceeds the agreed-upon point total, often 121 points, wins the game.

Some online platforms may have chat features, allowing you to communicate with your opponent during the game.

That’s the basic idea of playing Cribbage online. It’s all about scoring points with card combinations and aiming to reach the target score to win the game.

Fun Variations of Cribbage

In addition to the classic version of Cribbage, there are several captivating variations of this card game. These variants incorporate modified rules and strategies, offering players various ways to enjoy this entertaining game.

6-Card Cribbage:

  • Objective: In 6-Card Cribbage, the goal is to reach a lower point total (usually 61) rather than the traditional 121 points.
  • Rules: The game is played similarly to standard Cribbage, but with a reduced target score. Players are dealt six cards each instead of the usual six, and the crib consists of only one card. This faster-paced version adds an element of strategy as you aim to reach 61 points before your opponent.

Team Cribbage:

  • Objective: Team Cribbage involves two-player teams working together to score points against another team.
  • Rules: The rules are mostly the same as in traditional Cribbage, but players are divided into teams. Teammates sit opposite each other, and they share a common pegging board. Points scored by one player on a team contribute to the team’s overall score. Team Cribbage can be a more social and collaborative way to enjoy the game.

Lowball Cribbage:

  • Objective: In Lowball Cribbage, the objective is to score as few points as possible.
  • Rules: The game follows standard Cribbage rules with one twist – you aim to make the lowest possible combinations. For example, instead of trying to make pairs or runs, you want to avoid these and aim for card combinations that score fewer points. Lowball Cribbage can be a fun and challenging variation for those who enjoy reversing the usual scoring strategy.

Kitty Cribbage:

  • Objective: In Kitty Cribbage, the focus is on the cards in the crib.
  • Rules: The game is played like traditional Cribbage, but players can choose to swap any two cards in their hand with two cards from the crib before the pegging phase. This variation adds an extra layer of strategy as players try to improve their hand while leaving their opponent with a less favorable crib.

Nine-Card Cribbage:

  • Objective: In Nine-Card Cribbage, players aim to reach a higher point total (usually 181) than in traditional Cribbage.
  • Rules: The game follows standard Cribbage rules, but players are dealt nine cards instead of six, and the target score is higher. This variation provides a longer and more challenging gameplay experience, requiring players to be strategic and patient.

Muggins Cribbage:

  • Objective: Muggins Cribbage adds a twist to scoring by allowing opponents to claim uncounted points if you make an error.
  • Rules: In this variation, if a player fails to claim points during the pegging phase, their opponent can “mug” those points by pointing out the missed opportunity. For example, if you forget to score a pair, your opponent can claim the points you missed. Muggins adds a competitive edge to the game, as players need to pay extra attention to scoring.

These are just a few variations of Cribbage that can add excitement and unique challenges to your card-playing experience. Feel free to try them out and discover which one suits your preferences best.

If you want to make your card games more fun and unique, you can create your own rules and variations with your friends.

This could mean changing how you score points, introducing special cards with unique abilities, or even adapting the game for teams. Get creative and tailor the game to your preferences to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Finding Online Cribbage Tournaments

Online Cribbage tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for players to compete, showcase their skills, and enjoy a more competitive environment. Here’s how you can find out about online Cribbage tournaments:

  1. Gaming Platforms: Many online gaming platforms and websites host regular Cribbage tournaments. Explore popular gaming websites or apps that offer Cribbage and check their tournament schedules.
  2. Cribbage Communities: Join online Cribbage communities and forums where players often share information about upcoming tournaments. These communities can be valuable for staying updated on events.
  3. Cribbage Associations: Some Cribbage associations and clubs organize online tournaments. Look for official Cribbage organizations in your region and check their websites or social media for tournament announcements.
  4. Social Media: Follow Cribbage-related social media accounts and groups where tournament announcements are often posted.

Other Funny Games to Play Online

Besides Cribbage, there are lots of other interesting card games you can play online with friends. These games are fun, and some are really funny.

Here are a few examples:

  • Cards Against Humanity: It’s a hilarious game where your complete sentences with funny or outrageous phrases. It’s perfect for a good laugh.
  • Exploding Kittens: This one is a mix of strategy and humor. You try not to draw cards that make kittens explode while messing with your friends.
  • Uno: It’s a classic card game where you match colors and numbers to get rid of your cards. You can play it with friends online.
  • Phase 10: This game is all about completing specific card sequences. It can be quite challenging and fun.
  • Skip-Bo: You race to clear your pile of cards by building sequences from 1 to 12.
  • Apples to Apples: You use adjectives to describe nouns, and the combinations can be really funny.
  • Spades: It’s a trick-taking game where you bid on how many tricks you’ll take in each round, and teamwork is key.
  • Rummy: This classic game has many versions, and you form sets or runs of cards in your hand.
  • Go Fish: A simple game where you collect pairs of matching cards from your opponents.
  • Euchre: A trick-taking game where you play in pairs and try to win tricks.
  • Hearts: You aim to avoid certain cards (like hearts) to avoid getting points in this trick-taking game.
  • Gin Rummy: It’s a two-player game where you try to create sets and runs of cards while minimizing the points in your hand.
  • Pinochle: A more complex game played with partnerships and a special deck of cards.

These card games offer a variety of experiences, from simple and funny to strategic and competitive. You can play them online with your friends and have a great time together. So, grab your virtual card deck and enjoy some online card game fun!


When it comes to Cribbage and other funny games to play online, you can make these games even more enjoyable by being creative. While Cribbage is a classic favorite, you and your friends can come up with your own rules and changes to make it more fun.

You can also explore other online games that bring laughter and excitement. Whether you’re adding funny twists, making your own scoring rules, or inventing entirely new games, the main idea is to have a good time, connect with your friends, and create memorable online gaming experiences.