July 19, 2024

Helpful Tips For Product Packaging Design

Product packaging is the first thing a customer sees when they reach your store. This is why it is very important to pay attention to the way your products are packaged. Whether it is a small package for your M&Ms or a huge hamper for your dry laundry, the items put inside are quite important! So what exactly is product packaging? This is a very common question and the answer is actually quite simple.

Product packaging means preparing all the product for sale before you start the design process. The first thing to do is to pack all the items you intend to sell in a proper way. It would be best to prepare at least a three-week before you start the actual product packaging design process. First thing you should do is to prepare the list of your products. This should include the numbers and sizes of all the items. This should also show which of the items will be exposed to which climate.

Second step is to decide the theme or style for the packaging. The theme can be based on the brand name or a particular design of the item. You can also take the help of Pantone color charts or other printing resources to decide the style or color of packaging design for the products. Thirdly, you have to prepare the graphic material for the packaging. Here again, you can either use pre-designed templates or just make one on your own. You can either print the graphic material using a laser printer or by using a digital printer.

Next, you should arrange and place the items carefully in an organized manner on a pallet. If the number of the products is large, you can use transparent plastic or cardboard box that can accommodate as many of the items as possible. However, if the number of the products is small, then you can go for cardboard boxes or polythene bags which are suitable options for small packages.

Once the packaging has been arranged, you may need to mark the packing materials using a special pen or marker to easily identify the product. You can either use standard black ink or special color coded marker to mark the packaging effectively. You should also follow the basic guidelines for the proper placing of the return address on the outside packaging. The return address is important because it will help the customer to locate the product conveniently when he is going to make the return.

After this, you have to think about the other elements such as the location of the packing materials, the location of the packing slip and also the overall impression of the entire product. If you are going to stack the products in a pallet, then you should place the return address at the bottom of the pallet in order to easily locate it whenever you are going to pick the products up at the customer’s front door. When the customer locates the product, he will be happy and he would be pleased to make the payment personally. Thus, you should make all these things clear to your customers before you start the packaging design process. Therefore, start the design process as soon as possible!