July 19, 2024

How To Choose A Basketball Court Floor

Basketball is a trendy sport played by men and women of all ages. Its constant action makes the flooring essential to how well the game will play. Various surfaces can be applied for different types of events.

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is an area where the game of basketball is played. It consists of a playing surface and basket ring and 3-point arcs at the top of each key.

The playing surface can be made from one primary material or a combination of wood and asphalt. The most common composite surface wood/asphalt blends are 4′ x 100′ interlocking panels.

What is the ideal playing surface?

The best choice to play on would be a composition material because it will generally last much longer and provide a true bounce for the ball when in use.

Traditional wood court floors are made from maple, birch, or other hardwoods and are designed to give the best feel for the ball. The asphalt layer is vital because it gives you a consistent bounce and lasts longer than wood.

The court surface must meet the safety standards set by the governing athletic association.

Below are ways to choose a basketball court floor;

  1. Make sure it meets safety standards

Before purchasing a new floor, check with your athletic association to ensure the surface you are considering is approved for use under the sport.

  1. You may have the subfloor

If a subfloor isn’t provided, it will be necessary to install one before installing the court flooring system. It can be done by putting building materials on the floor and troweling the thin-set onto them. A leveling compound can be used if needed to ensure no low spots or high spots.

  1. Consider installation time

Some court surfaces require glue, and some need adhesive; some may involve nailing or stapling down borders. It is important to consider installation time to prevent calling the installer several times.

  1. You may need more than one style of flooring

Different activities that will take place on the court require different types of floor surface materials. For example, indoor and outdoor basketball floors are explicitly made for each application, while some can be used indoors or outdoors.

  1. Flooring materials

Broom-finished maple is most often used for indoor basketball floors. If saturated with oil, it can be used outdoors as well. It has a smooth surface which allows the ball to slide easily and discourages dirt from being ground into the wood. Synthetic flooring is made of rubber or other various types of artificial materials and is often used for outdoor courts.

  1. Your budget should be considered

The flooring system installed depends on the buyer’s price range, but it should be noted that a floor with a thicker urethane coating will give better ball bounce, is more durable, and provides a surface that is less likely to become slippery when wet.

Once a surface type is chosen, be sure to have it installed correctly by professionals who know what they are doing. It will ensure the best performance from your new court and prevent injury or accidents for those who play on it regularly.