September 29, 2023

The age of chatbots: Transform customer support experience for your business!

Businesses, regardless of size and niche, have customer support on their priority list. With increasing operational costs, more companies in Singapore are now opting for chatbots. A chatbot is more like a virtual customer support executive. Powered by machine learning & AI, the market for chatbots Singapore, is expected to expand massively by 2024, reaching $9.4 billion.

Why consider chatbots for customer support?

Experience of customers cannot be compromised with, and businesses are striving to stay connected 24×7 for customer support. Having a call center could be an expensive investment, and while humans are still required to handle complicated customer support queries, chatbots are much more cost-effective and easier to manage. The feedback and data gathered by these bots can be processed and used smartly to take business decisions.

How to plan chatbot investments?

If you want to transform and make customer support more effective for your consumers, chatbots need your attention. Contrary to popular belief, chatbots don’t have to be expensive at all, as long as you plan your system right and seek professional assistance on implementation. Look for machine-learning chatbots and make the most of AI.

There are many companies that deal in chatbots and can help your company in figuring out the best model.