June 15, 2024

Tips and questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a church


One important decision that you will ever make in life is choosing a church to attend. The church is what brings you close to God. Through the church, you will learn and get spiritual nourishment. If you choose the wrong church, you are also likely to end up astray. That is why you should be extra vigilant when you are choosing a church to settle for. To make the right choice, get the answer to the following questions

What is the teaching of the church?

Before joining any church, it is very important to try and find out what they teach. Always remember that there are different biblical interpretations, denominational differences, and different bible versions. To know whether you should join a church or not, start by trying to know what the church believes and how they set its standards. If the church has a website, you can take some time to read through what they stand for, their beliefs, and their faith. If it is the same as what you believe in and what is being taught as true gospel, you can go ahead and make your choice. If not, consider looking for another church near you.

What is the mission of the church?

Find a church near you with a well-structured mission. Most churches just follow their leaders to determine what is next for the congregation. Although the church must have leaders, everyone in it has a role to make sure that the church has a clear mission. Check whether the church cares for the poor both in welcoming spirit and in action. At the end of the day, the mission of any church should always be derived frombiblical principles.

What is the history of the church?

Instead of just settling for a church, it will also be very important to find out more about the history of the church. Try to find out whether the church has had issues in the past and why. You should also find out whether the church has a history of spiritual growth and service.


To choose a suitable church for your spiritual growth and to have a sense of belonging, you need to ask yourself questions. What is the history of the church? What are the teachings of the church and what the mission of the church is should be among questions that you should ask yourself to find a church near you that is suitable?